Experience, relax, and enjoy the beauty and wonders of Caramoan as you stay in a refreshing haven away from
the hustle and bustle of the city – West Peninsula Villas.


The West Peninsula Villas offers you a great escape to explore and experience the Caramoan Islands. Gear yourself to have an adventurous and relaxing getaway!

With your comfort and convenience in mind, we bring you facilities and amenities that are well-maintained. Here at West Peninsula Villas, you can simply relax and feel cozy.

Whether it is for a short escape or a long vacation, you can stay with us to enjoy Caramoan even more. Contact us for schedules, bookings, and other inquiries.

West Peninsula Villas

Get to stay in the most refreshing haven in Caramoan. The West Peninsula Villas and its professional and friendly staff, boasts of comfortable and convenient facilities and amenities that would let your stay truly one-of-a-kind!

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